Hand Crafted in Scotland

I was introduced to rod building by a close relative around 1957. He, at that point, had been a full time, one man rod builder for around 25 years, in those days mainly split cane.

My introduction for the first few months I may add was sweeping up and general runabout. Slowly, over many months I progressed into assisting with the splitting, planing and binding the cane sections until around my 8th or 9th birthday I was allowed to “experiment” with my first own build. No fancy cane sections, an old 3 section tank aerial with screw threaded joints. I made my own guides by bending copper wire, and jointed and sanded as many old cork offcuts as I could find for a handle.

I must admit not one of my prettier rods when finished but it caught me my share of roach and perch on a local loch.

The years progressed and I don`t mind saying I became fairly proficient. Fibreglass had made an appearance and I took a good interest in saltwater boat rods. In 1965 it was time for full time work, the business could not employ me so it was a full time job in construction as an apprentice and rod building in the evenings. Towards the end of the 1960`s ill health meant my mentor had to retire so I took over, part time initially and progressing to full time which has continued for over 40 years now.

I have built virtually every style of rod from swim feeders to 130lb marlin rods. I am still a keen salmon, trout and big game angler so nowadays I tend to concentrate on boat, big game and fly rods only sourcing the very best components and blanks I can find, virtually all from UK or USA.

I remain as a one man business operating from a small workshop at my house, no employees or sub contractors so you can be assured that when you make your enquiry, the only person who will talk to you to discuss and build your rod should you decide on one will be me so having a very vested interest you can be certain that quality is maintained. You are more than welcome to call at the workshop, (given notice), and talk your preferences over personally.



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