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EVEROL reels are truly legendary in the sportfishing world. They deliver on both value and performance but what probably sets them apart from all others, is the unique and completely unrivaled drag system. The smooth powerful drag owes much of it`s legendary status to the fact that it is made from exactly the same materials as Ferrari use for their brakes.

Big game anglers are spoiled for choice, there are many quality reels available, Penn, Shimano, Accurate, Avet and so on........then there is a gap and you move up a good few notches in build and component quality to the "warhorses" ...........Duel, Everol & Alutecnoss, ( all individually hand built in Italy, not churned out in mass production factories) There is little comparison between these three Italian reels and the better known names.
I not only sell Everols, I use them and have done for 40 years. My 50 has handled a lot of big fish in its` time, still has the original drag, (and a few battle scars) and was purchased in 1969. I suppose it would be fun if it gave up and I could justify a nice new shiny one but it just keeps going.

First developed in 1958 to tackle the insideous saltwater environment and the mind blowing power of the giant bluefin tuna, Everol have continued to produce reels which make some modern ones pale into insignificance.

They have often been described as the " Land Rovers" of big game fishing.

It is difficult to think of anything you can do to an Everol in normal, or extreme fishing situations, that they cannot handle with ease and simply continue to undertake the job they were designed for.

Built with only the finest anodised and stainless materials, Everol reels are an investment for life.

Four ranges of Everol are available, SPECIAL, TWO SPEED, VJ AND T SHOT. Between them they address every possible sportfishing situation from light tackle, IGFA 6-12lb through to the awesome, 18/0, IGFA 130lb unlimited, more than capable of handling the heaviest of Bluefin, Marlin and sharks.

The SPECIAL series is the traditional workhorse. With its multidisc, forced-air cooled floating drag system and 5 double shielded stainless steel ball bearings the SPECIAL series will tackle anything that swims.
Manufactured with precision, high technology engineering tools from the finest anti-corrosive components
(Anticordal 3572, turned with precision then gold anodised with stainless steel AISI316.

The TWO SPEED series are designed to tame the largest of gamefish. These reels shift effortlessly between
high and low gears even under the most extreme conditions. They feature a gearbox with stainless steel gears. To provide the highest possible perfomance these are assembled on 7, double shielded stainless steel ball bearings and 2 , self lubricating bearings. With a stainless steel and carbon fibre drag system they also feature a unique drag stop system which allows the angler to position maximum drag anywhere along the arc of the lever and yet instantly adjust this if required. The unique system also prevents accidental adjustment of the pre set drag.

Canyon Special, new from Everol a 4/0 two speed capable of an awesome 45lb of drag.

Vertical Jigging Series VJ6, VJ12 VJ20

All the reels above are available as left hand wind to order and at extra cost. (see price list)


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