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To the best of my knowledge there are few custom rod builders in UK, other than myself, who specialise on a full time basis in the construction of heavy boat and big game rods. I have been involved in this for over 37 years and have built rods for blue marlin, black marlin, sailfish, bluefin tuna, tiger shark, great white shark, big eye thresher, dogtooth tuna, yellowfin tuna and just about every other bluewater species you can think of. These have ranged from 130lb IGFA rods for the heaviest of species to shore rods for bonito, barracuda, smaller hammerheads and the likes.

Even more so than the freshwater rods, the custom options for boat and big game rods is vast so the rods listed below are intended as a guide. The blanks are all from UK or USA. Guides on lighter rods, as a general rule, are Pacific Bay or ALPS, alternates can be used if requested. A few of the lighter rods based on the UK “norm” line classes utilise glass / carbon composite blanks, the majority of heavier IGFA rods trolling and stand-up rods are built on state of the art “S” or “E” glass blanks, as light if not lighter than carbon and vastly more durable to the knocks and tumbles of heavy salt water fishing

On the trolling rods. Two ranges are available both built on IGFA Regulation blanks from USA The blanks are the same on both ranges however the less expensive rods use Pacific Bay, ALPS or Stuart roller guides which are more than up to the job whilst the top range rods use probably the finest rollers available, Winthrop from USA or Everol ball bearing guides from Italy, machined from solid marine alloy bar stock with rollers recessed into the frames.

Confusion has often arisen, especially in UK regarding the line classes on boat rods. Many “off the shelf” boat rods have IGFA and then a line class but few are genuine, East coast USA IGFA line classes.

I build on both UK line class blanks and genuine IGFA blanks so the small table below may give you an idea of the difference between the two methods of classification. I`ve often been asked for an 80lb rod for big conger or common skate or porbeagle. A genuine 80lb IGFA rod is a chair rod and a wee tad of an overkill for any of the above species, IGFA 30lb will handle them all.

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